Uninsured Services

As you may know, not all services performed by your family doctor are paid for by Alberta Health Care, and these services are called Uninsured Services.

The list outlines the charges for uninsured services provided at Healthworx Medical Clinic.

The fees schedule is based on the Alberta Medical Association's guidelines and are subject to change. If you request any of these services you will be expected to provide payment.


There is a $0.25 per page fee for patient requested photocopies.

Unfortunately we do not have Visa or MasterCard facilities and will only be able to accept cash, sorry no cheques!

Please contact the clinic prior to appointment for the prices of these uninsured services listed.


  • AISH application form
  • Attending Physician's Statement
  • Back to Work Note
  • Blue Cross Forms
  • Certificate for fitness
  • Copy of medical records to a third party
  • CPP Disability form
  • Drivers License Medicals
  • Day Care note
  • Disabled parking forms
  • Insurance forms
  • Insurance notes for physiotherapy, massage, and orthotics
  • Pre-employment Certificate of Fitness and examination
  • Revenue Canada Disability Tax Credit Form
  • Sick Notes for school or work
  • Transfer of medical records
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